FireFly Trade In Program


FireFly Trade In Program

We appreciate our customers and so we are excited to offer a one of a kind FireFly trade in program. Trade in a FireFly unit for a FireFly Plus! Send in your Firefly to our U.S. location where your unit will be retrofitted with our latest technology.

Read below to see all the new and exciting features you will receive. 

Our next and greatest FireFly Plus with extended range*, enhanced expandability, powerful battery management, all backed up by our award winning FireFly Application.

FireFly Plus is the culmination of our valued customers' feedback and is proudly assembled in the U.S.A.


  • FireFly Plus uses Wi-Fi Mesh technology to create a single unit range of over 200 ft with a maximum meshed range of 1,200 ft with line of sight
  • *Our range estimates are based on real world scenarios and are dependent on mobile device used, battery condition, and real world conditions
  • Using Wi-Fi Mesh technology gives FireFly Plus stability and speed that far exceeds that of all other methods of connectivity
  • The FireFly Plus creates its own Wi-Fi Mesh network and does not require you to be connected to internet 

Power Management

  • FireFly Plus uses onboard power management tools to ensure that every pulse is as powerful as the last with both low power and high power sensors as an extra precaution
  • The onboard power management tools provide dedicated constant power to our Wi-Fi Mesh chip to give you a consistent and stable connection
  • FireFly Application will receive and display battery life to keep you informed on power levels
  • FireFly recommends the FireFly PowerPlate for best results. If not available, the next best option is Duracell brand alkaline batteries.

Expandability, stability, 

(adapted from Google Wi-Fi

  • FireFly Plus uses Wi-Fi Mesh technology to give you unprecedented expandability with our mobile firing solution. With Wi-Fi Mesh, you are able to use over 100 units simultaneously (with both 15Qs and 5Qs) with a FireFly Plus unit as a range repeater if necessary
  • Our FireFly Mesh network gives you flexible coverage in hard to cover areas like around trees and buildings by allowing units to bounce signals off each additional FireFly Plus
  • Direct path signal transfer gives FireFly Plus Mesh networks the ability to find the quickest path to the primary Firefly Plus creating negligible signal latency

Our Wi-Fi Mesh network is self healing

  • In a traditional Wi-Fi network, when a router breaks, all communication between your devices is broken too. But in our mesh network, if one FireFly Plus goes down, communication is simply rerouted through another FireFly Plus
  • This applies only if secondary FireFly Plus units loses connectivity. If your primary FireFly Plus goes offline (the one connected to your mobile device), so will your entire network

Over-the-air updates

  • Keep up-to-date on your FireFly Plus using our new Over-the-air update mechanism
  • Forget paying for USB sticks and sending units back to the manufacturer, our FireFly Plus update protocols allow you to update your units with the latest software using a Wi-Fi hotspot free of charge. Just rename your Wi-Fi hotspot or router to TITANUPDATE with the password TITANUPDATE and your FireFly Plus will automatically grab the latest firmware from our U.S. based servers.
  • Hotspot based updating allows you to update over 256 units simultaneously  saving you time and effort

Android and iOS Compatibility

  • FireFly Plus is compatible with Android operating systems 6 and above and iOS 9 and above.


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