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FireFly - a revolutionary wireless fireworks firing system. 

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FireFly Upgrade Program

$59.99 $74.99

FireFly Upgrade Program
FireFly Upgrade Program FireFly Upgrade Program

Upgrade your old Firefly to obtain amazing new capabilities!

Send us your existing Firefly unit and we will replace your circuit board, giving you all the functionality of the new 2020 Firefly.

We will upgrade your unit(s) and send back to the address provided in your Order. Turn around time is 1-2 days after receipt of your device.

Temporarily Out of Stock

FireFly Power Plate


FireFly Power Plate

Brought by customer demand, the new FireFly Power Plate accessory is a rechargeable and convenient add on for any type of firework show. Eliminate the use for heavy-duty batteries and charge the Power Plate before use. Fasten to the base of the unit and receive 1,000 ignitions per charge as well as a 50% stronger and 25% quicker electronic pulse.

Limited supply

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Syncs to music.

Take your launch to a new level by syncing your fireworks show to music. FireFly works with your device to import your favorite music straight from your music library.

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Firing systems can be a pain to use. Not FireFly. Between the app and firing system itself, setting up and designing your ideal show is quick and easy.

Check out how it works

Built to handle any boom.

FireFly is built to withstand your most intense shows and keep them running smoothly year after year. Purchasing FireFly helps you not only elevate your show but also become a backyard legend.

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