FireFly Firing Systems


FireFly is the only wireless firework device that allows consumers to design and safely launch a firework show through their Bluetooth® smart device.

With FireFly, consumers can design a fireworks show with up to 15 fireworks, synchronize the show to their downloaded music and launch it wirelessly from up to 50 feet away. The $224.99 purchase of FireFly comes with reusable connection cables to allow users to create and launch shows for celebrations year after year.

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About Winco Fireworks:

Winco Fireworks is a national consumer and professional fireworks distributor, headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas. The company launched in the summer of 1964 in Pittsburg, Kansas as a 60-square foot fireworks stand and now operates dozens of stores across the country. Since incorporating in 1979, Winco has stood for industry-leading fireworks innovation and produced quality products for consumer and professional fireworks customers for more than 38 years. In 2017, Winco introduced their latest fireworks innovation, FireFly, to allow users a better way to enjoy fireworks. Winco is a proud member of the American Pyrotechnics Association and works with state and local governments to ensure both fair and safe industry regulations. For more information, please visit

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