General Questions

What kind of connection does FireFly use?

FireFly’s wireless firing system has an operating range up to 50 feet (16 meters) and is compatible with Bluetooth® LE. Wind, humidity and other variables can influence the Bluetooth® LE connection distance.

Will FireFly connect to my device?

What kind of fireworks does FireFly work with?

What if my product is not in the catalog?

What batteries do I use in the module?

How often should I clean my FireFly Clip heating coil?

How far away does FireFly work?

After firing my show, can I move farther away from FireFly?

How do I import music?

How do I share a show?


Problem: Slow response

The FireFly module is placed too far from your Smartphone or tablet. The effective distance is between 30-50 feet.

Bring your Smartphone or tablet closer to the FireFly module.

Low battery power can seriously affect the FireFly module’s response.

Replace the FireFly module’s batteries.

Low power level of Smartphone or tablet can affect the transmission signal to the module.

Charge your smartphone or tablet.

In extreme cold, the batteries and electronic components may respond slowly.

Put a flat, wooden board under the FireFly module to protect it from the cold ground.

Because the FireFly module uses Bluetooth® wireless technology, nearby devices may interfere with the connection.

Keep away from active devices using a 2.4 GHz radio frequency.

Problem: Pairing lost

Problem: All cues are red

Problem: No ignition

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