FireFly Firing Systems

You’re just a click away from a Legendary show.

Purchase the Revolutionary FireFly

You’re hosting a celebration and this is no time to be a dud. With FireFly’s wireless fireworks firing system, you can launch fireworks straight from your Android™ or Apple® mobile digital device.

Design an entire show, with up to 15 fireworks per unit and sync them to music. Or, take things slower and launch individual fireworks in manual mode. Show your friends and family who you really are – someone with a ridiculous amount of firepower.

FireFly Power Plate


FireFly Power Plate

Rechargeable battery plate with 50% stronger and 25% quicker electronic pulse. Charge the Power Plate before use, fasten to the base of the unit and begin show setup process.

Product title


Titan Multi-Clips (Pack of 5)


Titan Multi-Clips (Pack of 5)
Titan Multi-Clips (Pack of 5) Titan Multi-Clips (Pack of 5)

New design, new capabilities.

Powerful, reliable, and adaptable: the Titan Multiclip features a new and improved ignition coil that provides superior power and ensures that your fireworks will launch exactly when you need them to–every time. The robust design holds up incredibly well to repeated use. Used with Talon Igniters (sold separately), you can ignite up to 5 fireworks from a single Clip.

If you need both cables and clips, please ensure you select the length you need. For those that need just the clip, please select Clips Only when ordering.


- Up to 10 E-Matches

- Up to 2 Talons

Technical Features

Create dynamic shows.

Connect over 50 FireFly units for a total cue count of over 750 cues. 

Set up quickly.

Easy-to-use import jack and intuitive design make setting up FireFly a snap.

Keep on firing.

Connection cables with igniter clips are reusable, unlike other remote-firing systems saving time and money.

Time everything perfectly.

Choose from a continuously updated catalog of preloaded products to automatically calculate fuse and firing time

Have total control.

Fire any consumer-grade fireworks at will in manual mode for full control or design your show and place cues in Show Designer mode.

Have fun. Stay safe.

Equipped with an emergency stop button, FireFly keeps you safe. Wi-Fi firing means that you can launch your show and enjoy from a safe distance.

Safety Tips

  1. Never try to reattach an igniter clip to a fuse while other items are connected or FireFly is on.
  2. When reattaching a fuse, do not stand with your head bent over the firework. Squat down and reattach the fuse with outstretched arms.
  3. Before disconnecting any wires from the module, make sure all items have fired and that Firefly is turned OFF.

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