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Fireworks At Your Fingertips

By Sioux Falls July 02, 2017

Every year, the National Safety Council ranks the Fourth of July as one of the deadliest holidays in America. Thousand of people are injured each year when lighting off fireworks in the United States.

Yet there's a new device that's aimed at reducing those numbers by revolutionizing the way we set fireworks off..all with the swipe of a finger. 

As soon as the sun goes down, Kevin Lorenzen is ready to light up the sky. 

Except this Fourth of July, the Pyro City Fireworks owner won't be the one doing the lighting.

"They are reusable..take a look," said Lorenzen.

For him, this device is revolutionary.

"It's all about safety. If you're not being safe, the night's not going to end with the fun," Lorenzen said.

"And then I simply power it on, it shows me 3 LED's lit up. It means I have three items lit and they are active," said Lorenzen.

All with the touch of a button. 

"I'll go through the safety screens," Lorenzen said.

...And the swipe of a finger. 

"We are ready to fire," said Lorenzen.

It all happens while Lorenzen is a safe distance away, just taking in the view. 

"We've seen innovations in fireworks over the past many years, but this year we've seen a huge technical breakthrough with fireworks and that's the Firefly remote control firing system," said Lorenzen. 

While big fireworks show promoters may be familiar with remote control firing, it's new for people who are just looking for a personal fireworks display. Fireworks can be lit from 50 feet away, all with the use of a free downloadable app to your iPad or smartphone.

The app connects to a receiver through a Bluetooth signal. Any fireworks you purchase can be found within the app. You select the individual firework that's connected to the receiver by a cable and it's ready for show time. 

For Lorenzen, it's a safety win. 

"If I can be up to 50 feet away lighting off my fireworks, I also get to see them better. So there's so many benefits between the viewing pleasure and also the distance between me and the igniting objects," said Lorenzen. 

Lighting fireworks from a safe distance is something safety experts have been stressing for years to avoid become a statistic on the high-injury holiday. 

"Every year more than 9,000 injuries are due to fireworks. With about half of them, 46 percent of them, to the hands and fingers," said Tyler Tjeerdsma. 

Tjeerdsma, Fire Inspector for Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, said any device that can distance people from their fireworks is a step in the right direction. 

"Anytime you don't have to be right next to a firework when you light it, or standing over it trying to get it lit and if you can be ten feet away from it and light it remotely, definitely a safety advancement," Tjeerdsma said. 

He said far too often injuries happen before the firework even hits the sky. 

"Usually what'll happen if you're having a hard time lighting your firework, you're spending more time in front of that firework you're leaning over the firework," said Tjeerdsma. 

Safety isn't the only perk for this pyro-system. Users across the country are creating professional-grade shows right in their own backyards. 

"I'm a fireworks enthusiast and this is just so much fun," said Lorenzen. 

The system sells at Pyro City for $199, yet for safety experts, it's a priceless addition for anyone's Fourth festivities. 

"You do not need this firing system to enjoy the Fourth of July with your fireworks. But it is revolutionary for the industry, it's fun and it can take your show to another level," said Lorenzen.

The Firefly app also allows you to design your own shows with music, where you can light off up to 15 different fireworks in sync with your favorite songs. 

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