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Fireworks industry heads in new direction with technology

By Michaela Feldmann July 02, 2017

Sioux Falls, S.D. - Fireworks are a common sight every Fourth of July. With new technology, buying and setting off your fireworks are easier and safer than ever.

Technology is making its way into the firework industry

“Fireworks are getting bigger. They're getting brighter and more safe, but now it’s getting the technical part to be able to shoot and really get to the show quality type set up,” Pyro City Owner Kevin Lorenzen said.

Firefly just came out this year and is being called one of the most cutting edge devices for fireworks.

"It’s just so different and so cool,” Lorenzen said.

It allows you to light up the sky using Bluetooth through your phone or tablet.

“You can ignite your fireworks from a safe distance. You're not right up next to them. You can hook up the system, step back, press it from your device, and enjoy your fireworks,” Lorenzen said.

Users can hook up to 15 different fireworks to firefly and shoot them off manually one by one or build their own show.

“I’ve tested this a lot and it has been very solid,” Lorenzen said.

Technology is also impacting the way fireworks are bought. Fire Bros Fireworks saw a national trend of buying things online.

“If people wanted it in every other industry in the world, why not fireworks,” Fire Bros Fireworks, Andy Jorgensen said.

So they've created an interactive website where people can buy fireworks.

“The concept is that people don't know what fireworks do when they walk in the door. So we're actually providing them an opportunity for them to go see videos of everything what it does. Seeing what the fireworks do before they purchase that,” Jorgensen said.

If you're looking to set off fireworks this Fourth of July remember to stay safe, whether that be using this technology or taking certain precautions.

Sioux Falls Police also want to remind people that only certain fireworks are allowed within city limits. Those include sparklers, snakes, fountains, and smoke bombs. Police say anything that makes a loud sound or has a projectile or launching component are banned. Police answer more than 500 fireworks complaints on average over the holiday weekend.

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