Upgraded 2020 FireFly

Upgraded 2020 FireFly

$229.00 $279.99


The new upgraded 2020 FireFly module now offers extended range*, enhanced expandability and wide-ranging device compatibility, including Android™ systems. Technology details listed below!


  • FireFly now uses Wi-Fi Mesh technology to create a single unit range of over 200 ft with a maximum meshed range of 1,200 ft with line of sight.
  • The new 2020 upgraded FireFly creates its own Wi-Fi Mesh network and does not require you to be connected to internet 

Power Management

  • The new upgraded 2020 FireFly now uses onboard power management tools to ensure that every pulse is as powerful as the last. 
  • The FireFly Application will receive and display battery life to keep you informed on power levels. 
  • FireFly recommends the FireFly PowerPlate for best results. If not available, the next best option is Duracell brand alkaline batteries.

Expandability & Stability

  • Expandable to over 100 units
  • FireFly Mesh allows you to cover areas around buildings and trees.

Over-the-air updates

  • Update your new FireFly with free firmware upgrades
  • See FAQ questions for additional details on Wi-Fi Mesh technology and over-the-air updates.

Android and iOS Compatibility

  • FireFly Plus is compatible with Android operating systems 6 and above and iOS 9 and above with Wi-Fi enabled.

*Our range estimates are based on real world scenarios and are dependent on mobile device used, battery condition, and real world conditions

What's Included

  • 1 Firing module
  • 8 One-meter reusable connection cables with igniter clips
  • 7 Three-meter reusable connection cables with igniter clips

Technical Specifications

  • Module size: W22 cm x L22 cm x H18 cm
  • Module Weight: 3.5 pounds (without batteries)
  • Module requires the FireFly PowerPlate or 8 D size Duracell batteries - not included
  • Module is compatible with iPhone 6 and above, iPad (third generation and above), iPad Mini (all generations), iPad Air (all generations), and iPod Touch (fifth generation and above), as well as the Samsung S6 and above and iOS9 and above.


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